#BR2012 Recap (Post 2) Wayy Past Due

The Curtis Story

Whitney and I were on the beach just talking to people and trying to reach out and share the gospel. We met this guy named Curtis. He was really cool and open to talking and "our stories" sounded pretty similar at first. As the conversation got started I got annoyed at Whitney because she chimed in (which isn't a bad thing, usually, because she is bold and that is definitely a gift that God has given her and she, in most all other cases, has discernment for when to talk and when not to). His body language seemed to get uncomfortable and stand off-ish. So I got even more annoyed, but I knew the only thing I could actually do was to pray. So while they were talking and I was just standing there, I started to pray that with all the words that she was saying that the Holy Spirit would be moving through her and her words and in his heart and mind.

After we got done talking and praying with him, I walked off in a rather bad mood and immediately asked for prayer for my attitude and I decided to go back to the room to just chillax and pray while I gathered my composure. So I asked Libby to walk with me and on the way I began to get even more upset. Not with Whitney, or the situation, but at my attitude towards the situation. My attitude of thinking that I knew what would've been a better way of dealing with this guy we met. I started praying and asking God to change my heart and trust that no matter what, He was in control and asking him to help me not let the devil have any sort of foothold in my thoughts, actions, and in getting me off the beach. I began to pray and ask him for at least one more opportunity to share about him and his love before I had to leave the beach. Literally the moment I said "amen," a guy walking behind me and my sister hollers, "Beach Reach, what's that?" I was almost in shock, I turned around and introduced myself and told him I was glad he asked and began to tell him what we were doing out on the beach and shared the gospel with a person wanting to hear it. God is so faithful! He answered my prayers right then and there.

The second part of the story:

Later on that evening or night or whatever it was, I'm not sure because we began to lose track of time while we were there. But after the event at the beach when I got upset at Whitney, we had a chance to talk about all of it and I got to apologize for getting annoyed and she apologized for stepping in the conversation and we got to pray about Curtis and for each other. It was so neat to be able to lift each other up like that and be able to be "real" with one another.

After prayer for each other and for Curtis, I kinda creeped on his facebook, got his number and text him asking him to come to worship. I don't know why, because I don't usually do that, but the Lord really laid him heavy on my heart to pray for and to invite to come and be a part of what we were doing. He didn't make it the first night because of unforeseen circumstances with one of his friends. But the last night he made it to our beach worship. He even went to dinner and rode vans with us that night.
On top of that, when we were all literally exhausted, and I was struggling to open up to people and share the gospel with them, he started the conversations by asking the people if they knew what and why we were doing what we were doing and then telling them. It was pretty awesome to see and to see that God was using him and working in his heart. No matter what Whitney or myself had said earlier. Our God is a mighty, powerful, holy, loving, compassionate, forgiving, and a just God. And he works even in when we don't see or hear him, and he is absolutely always faithful to us. His ways are higher and greater. There is POWER in PRAYER!

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