Kaye's Heart Pinned Down With Words

God is our Rock, our Refuge
His Word is absolute:
truth that was,
truth that is,
truth that is to come
God is in control
and still faithful to His people

"No Regret"
Have no regrets, you say-
Is following God part of your day?
The biggest regret of all may be
When Jesus asks, "Did you follow me?"

"Chorus of Praise"
Jesus, You are the promise,
the Hope that lights the world;
Master, Savior, Redeemer
Worthy of praise, my Lord!

"A Great God"
The greatness of God far exceeds
what I can comprehend-

Yet, I know
that while He is unchangeable,
He is real

Though He is holy,
He loves this imperfect person;

And though His wrath is all powerful,
He offers perfect peace.

Indeed, the greatness of God
far exceeds what I can comprehend.

- Kaye Albanese

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