Thankful Thursday: I Got A Happy Birthday Brother

Today I am thankful for my younger brother. 
I celebrated my 1st birthday by myself.
Then when I turned two, I got the best gift a two year old little girl could ask for.
A live baby doll.
So I thought. Ha! (Inside joke there-I'll share later)
A baby brother!
I have had the privilege of sharing this wonderful day as our day of birth for 23 years. 
I love my brother so much!
He is growing into a young man! CRAZY!
He is learning to be a real business man and take responsibility for a company.
Meeker Global, What?!
He is great at it too!
I could never do the things he does, but God has blessed him with the talents and abilities he has.
He has a desire to help fund mission work all over the world and make the Gospel known.
He loves people.
He loves his family.
He is crazy.
I love to write songs with him.
One of my favorite things to do is have jam sessions with him and Lib.
We've literally been doing that since we were able to sing, bang on pots and pans, and hold hairbrushes.
He puts my sister and myself before him.
He acts like an older brother (sometimes annoying, but I know it's out of love).
He is the best big hearted brother I could ask for.

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