Our First Wedding Shower

I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am to all of the ladies at Paramount for all their hard work in throwing a wonderful shower for Caleb and I. Mary had told me how sweet and loving each of the ladies were, but to actually get to meet them and talk to them and realize that she was not exaggerating even a tiny bit, was such an incredible blessing. I just got done texting his sister telling her how it went, and honestly it's hard to put into words. I could go into detail about all the "stuff" we got which was all much appreciated and needed, but more than that I think Caleb and I would be in agreement that it was just a total blessing. I was overwhelmed at all the ladies.

You know, I may sound awful for saying this, but I am just going to be honest. Most of the time at wedding showers, people bring gifts, that's what the showers are for, and it is more of "the thing to do," so we all (yes I am including myself in that, "all") just bring gifts to bring them because that is what you do. At the shower today though, I think the difference was that these ladies didn't just bring gifts to give "because it is what you do at a shower," they brought gifts and/or came up for the shower, because they are truly lovers of people. They love as if it were Christ loving through each and every one of them. I told Krissie tonight, that I could just tell the sweet presence of the Lord was present today. In all of their kind words, their gifts, and their love and prayers. I can't even tell you how many cards wished us blessings and said how the people giving the gifts were praying for us. How incredible to know that all these sweet ladies that have true kind hearts and such servant hearts are praying for us and our marriage. One card said they were praying for us in our unity. I thought that was such a cool picture and reminder of what we are doing. We are becoming unified in Christ together to serve as one for His kingdom, and all of these amazing and wonderful ladies have played a huge role in blessing us and giving out of their kind, sweet, and servant hearts. I was overwhelmed by each and every one of them.

After we left, Caleb was so awesome. I think I talked his ear off the entire way home, and he was tired and ready to be done driving, but he was so patient with me and let me talk out some things that had been on my mind. Let's just say these weren't things that are on a man's Top 10 things to talk about on a long drive home when he's tired. I would venture to say that a few things would be put on a man's Top 10 things to avoid conversation about at all times, rearranging furniture, organizing the kitchen, craft stuff, etc. Have I said that I am thankful for him before? (0; God has blessed me so much I don't even understand His goodness towards me, but I sure am thankful. I am thankful He has blessed me with all of the sweet, serving, prayer warrior ladies today, an amazing new family, my handsome, patient and loving fiancé, and my family who I came home to tonight. God is so so good! I can't even begin to explain my thankfulness.

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