Wedding Planning {Flowers} Oh! And I forgot to tell you...

So, I decided a long time ago I wanted to make my own flowers out of paper or fabric for my wedding.  I looked up some tutorials and started making flowers. THEY TOOK FOREVER! I was following a Pinterest tutorial I found a while ago, but 20-30 minutes per flower. No Thank You!

I got tired of that quick so I started playing around with the fabric and made up my own way to make a few different looking flowers. Some of them didn't turn out exactly as I wanted them to, but most of them did. I am so excited about the boutonnières and bouquets!

Coming Soon! I am preparing a few tutorials for 5 minute flowers. Check back to this post next week for all of them.

Also, I forgot that I didn't tell you that Caleb gave me the "real ring" and here it is. YAY! (0:

I meant to tell you all that story, but I clearly haven't been the best blogger lately. He gave it to me the Tuesday after he proposed, and it's so perfect! It's not huge and gaudy or over the top. It is kind of a rounded square shape, but the middle is a circle and it makes it look a little bit vintage and it doesn't have any annoying stuff on the sides of it to scratch my other fingers. It's absolutely perfect! I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. I love it, and I love the wonderful man that gave it to me!

Speaking of that wonderful man, I am about to go meet him to finish registering! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Friday! God is so good! It's a beautiful day, even in the midst of hard days or rocky roads, God is faithful, I just wanted to remind you of that today. I encourage you to go outside and see His wonderful and beautiful creation today! It's just a good reminder of His majesty and glory. It's refreshing and lovely and great! Just a word to the wise, God is GREAT!

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