Cabin Fever (not because of the weather)

Yesterday we decided that it would be fun to get trashcan lids or big cardboard boxes and slide down the hills all over the ranch. We got bundled up (I had about 5 layers on top and three on bottom, and two pairs of socks) and headed out. Landon got his good rope out and we got two big cardboard boxes. We did our version of cardboard box "knee boarding" behind the golf cart early before anyone had driven on it. We slid a few times yesterday morning and got to our freezing point, so we came in for a break put up some Santa Clause's in the Party Barn and ate lunch. Then the Hamer's came over and if I am being honest, I thought it would be awkward (I'm awkward so, it would make sense, right?) but when they got here it wasn't at all. It was just like we picked up where we left off. I miss those people a lot. Landon, Missy, and I got out a new box and I decided I would slide first. I was only going to slide once more until Caleb got here so that I would have enough energy to go down once or twice with him too.

We started off down the parking lot hill. I got a good grip on the rope and started sliding. Then it got going too fast and we couldn't slow down and I was head straight for the fence post. If I held on to the rope I would hit the post and if I had let go I would've hit the post. I hit with the outside of my foot first and my entire body just crunched my foot into the post then I flipped down the hill. My glasses, toboggan, ear warmers and headband all flew off and Landon came running to get it all. I couldn't help it but I just started crying. I was so mad at myself. I got down to the house and put ice on it (actually frozen peaches) I just couldn't believe it. We are getting married in 7 weeks and it takes 6 weeks to heal. We prayed over it, for quick healing, but if I am being honest, I just kept getting mad. In the middle of it all I kept thinking how horrible it is going to be to move and pack and prepare for the wedding with a broken foot. I kept thinking how dumb I was for doing it, but then again, if I had it to do over, I probably would. I got on Facebook last night and saw all these posts and saw that other people (lots of other people) were doing the same thing. It made me feel like I wasn't so dumb for sliding on cardboard behind the golf cart.

After a while and especially when I woke up this morning I played it over and over in my head and I couldn't help but think that it could've been so much worse. I could have hit my head or broken something worse than my foot, It is going to be healed before the wedding, and even if it's a week, it is still before.

I know it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, but I am getting "Cabin Fever" not because of the weather, but because I can't go anywhere or do anything on my stinking foot! I guess it's a good time to write and get some homework done. I hope everyone is having fun in the snow (ice? snow?)  and staying safe!
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