Coffee & Pizza & Genesis 2:7

It was seriously freezing cold this morning when I woke up. Me and my sister were supposed to layout and get our tan on today, but for lack of better words..."ain't gonna happen." So I took the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and frantically search the fridge to find I was having pizza for breakfast. Then I had to make that dreaded decision when you eat pizza for breakfast. Hot or cold? I think it was just the weather outside that determined my decision, because cold pizza for breakfast is awesome, but I went with hot. 

Okay on to the important stuff.

This past weekend we had a D-Now at Old River Baptist Church. I was absolutely so blessed to be able to serve with people I call family and that I truly love with all of my heart. If you don't know what D-Now is, my short version explanation is that it is a weekend where the students can spend time with each other and no outside distractions of their normal yet cray cray teenage lives. We split them up into grade groups and each has a leader (discipling them) at a host home in order to dig deeper into the word and grow in unity with one and other. We also do Rec. and games and stuff because teenagers can only be serious for so long, right?

..The Family..
I love these people so much!
..The Ladies -Libby..
Olivia, Kati Rae, Elizabeth, Me (0:
I was so thankful to be with the 11th grade girls. They blew me away with their hearts of love not only toward a few of their friends, but for their school and their community. We decided to hold each other accountable and read the word together. I get so excited about the word (to myself, of course). We talked a few times this weekend about how God spoke everything into being and this morning we read Genesis 2. Verse 7 put me once again in awe of our wonderful and holy and powerful God who loves us and calls us to His purpose. The God who as verse seven says formed man out of the dust and breathed life into his nostrils the breath of life! Just chew on that for a second. It puts me in awe of Him. And that same God who has the breath of life in Him loves me and has given me eternal life through Jesus. Pretty amazing, right?

Well I hope you enjoyed reading and understand that God cares for you and loves you and wants a relationship with you! No matter where you've been or what you've done. He can use it all for your good if you just ask Him.

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