Faithful Bloggers Prompt: What's Your Favorite Thing About Blogging?

I love to write so my favorite part of blogging is a hard question to answer. I would love to say that I love blogging just because I love to talk about Jesus freely and it's a safe platform for me to share the Gospel. However the truth is that I love blogging for many reasons which makes for many favorite parts. I enjoy spending time with the Lord, in the word. Through blogging, whether I post any "posts" or just simply write them to air my thoughts about something, I enjoy doing it because it keeps me accountable in my spending time reading the word. I enjoy reading, but lets be honest some books are not as fun as others so blogging on the subject helps. I especially enjoy writing. It is one of my favorite things to do in life in general, blog post or not. I am not the most organized person and even in my blogs I am not always organized (this one is a GREAT example of that) but I like the challenge that writing offers to be organized. I like taking random pictures of finding free ones on the internet that go with my posts. I like the aspect of blogging that is almost like journaling (minus the seldom people that actually read this blog). I like the challenges in blogging, they always look fun (like this one). I also like the blogging community. I have recently just been on the search of how to continue a blog with actual followers. I have been amazed at the number of bloggers and the different types of blogs out there. Yesterday I read a movie script a girl is writing as a blog first and then for an end of year school project is going to turn it into a short film for her class to watch. Another lady literally posts free giveaways every week and gives stuff out just for fun to her readers. I could go on, but you get the picture. There is so much I enjoy about blogging. So in order to be completely sure I am stating my favorite  thing about blogging, I am leaving you with this final statement: My favorite part about blogging is the freedom and the accountability I have in speaking truth about Jesus on a platform that allows me to be myself, be creative, and do a few of the things I really enjoy doing. 

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