Thankful Thursdays: Aloe Shot, Green Tea, and A Protein Shake

Today I was on my way to Starbucks because I found a gift card hiding in my wallet that I had forgotten about. Just as I was about to turn into the driveway I decided to instead go over the bridge and check out this healthy shake store I had heard about. Well I was in for a surprise! I was there for about 2 hours. The lady was so sweet and we had good conversation about "health and wellness" while I was drinking my delicious Aloe shot, Raspberry Green Tea and  "Zebra Shake." It was a mix of coffee, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel! Mmmm! The entire time we were talking I just kept feeling a sense of urgency to say something about the Lord and have a fruitful conversation rather than a conversation about protein shakes and workouts, not that it's not good to be educated about those.

 I finally had an opportunity to at least bring up church. From there just kept bringing up Jesus, I had the blessing of hearing her story. How Jesus sought her out when she didn't want any part of a church or anything. He kept putting people in her path telling her the same thing over and over.  How she and her husband both come from a history of alcoholics and because of that had become part of that lifestyle themselves. How she began praying for her husband and herself (even though she felt like it was all him and their marital issues weren't her fault) to be active in a relationship with Christ. She told me how the Lord began to move in her own life and slowly but surely her husbands too. Now through the grace and blessing of JESUS!, He led them to a group of people dealing with the same sort of issues and with a focus on Christ, shows people how to overcome, anything, alcoholism, drug addictions, hatred, even simple irritations with others, etc. through seeking Jesus and pursuing a relationship with Him. Ahhh! It was so awesome to hear her story and today for my Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for her and for the conversation that is not empty! And for the story of a woman who persevered through a rough and alcohol based marriage, to one that seeks Jesus and wants to glorify His name. She was such an encouragement! I am so thankful that the Lord chooses to use us in each others lives to provide encouragement and build up the body. I really needed that conversation and as I prayed for that conversation He perfectly arranged it today! God is so good!

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