Crazy, I Tell You, Just Crazy

I would like to start by saying that I am sorry I waited until almost midnight last night to get the scripture posted to Daily Word, it was a crazy day! It has kind of been a crazy weekend actually. But crazy is good sometimes, right? Well, I think so anyway.

Last night: We were so blessed to be able to have our new Etsy shop: Yellow Stitches Boutique, which we just opened on May 1, to be a vendor at the May Madness Block Party on the Weatherford square. It wasn't really a profitable, monetarily speaking, venture, but it was great to get all of our stuff set up and put together and get the word out. So exciting! We gave out business cards and met a few other vendors who seemed really cool, and another Etsy shop owner, whom I still need to go check out.

Olivia & I (Nerd Glasses Oh My!)
Our little booth
Today: We had a women's ministry luncheon which was kind of a fiasco at first, because their numbers were different that what we had down, but it all worked out. It was so cute they did a mother daughter luncheon and dressed up like cowgirls. They even gave out prizes to the little girls who dressed up. They were so stinking cute! Then my wonderful and handsome boyfriend came over, just in time to not have to clean up (0; and eat lunch. He took me on a surprise ride today, telling me we were going to get Starbucks, but that it was a surprise, so I knew we weren't actually getting Starbucks. He took me, instead, to the only sno-cone stand that is open right now in a 60 mile radius of Weatherford (that might be an exaggeration). The best part is, it's the one that they put ice cream in the bottom (my favorite). He so sweet to do things like that. I love those times when we go all the way to town to just hangout and do things like get a son-cone. It reminds me over and over again, to be thankful for the small things and that we are so unbelievably blessed. I never want to take that for granted.
Yummmm (0:

On our way back to the ranch, I saw the sign at the Grace Christian Academy (where my old little sister used to go) that said SALE TODAY. I love that sign, because her old teacher has a barn behind the school that has about a billion antiques in it. So as soon as he dropped me off I jumped in the car and drove straight back to the school. I found the most awesome swim suit! Well I think it is anyway.

The coolest part is that the lady didn't remember me, but I had remembered that she went on a  trip to the Philippines last year, so when I asked her about it she just started telling me all these stories about all their adventures there. It was so cool. They were there for about 6 months and she helped them start a high school to educate kids who literally had no where else to go or learn or anything. She has such a heart for the Lord. And what an awesome testimony of trusting the Lord to provide and have everything taken care of while they were gone for months doing His work in another part of this world. So cool!

I have been challenged in the last few days as to wether or not I wholeheartedly and fully trust the Lord with EVERYTHING. So, I know I don't ask often, but if any of you prayer warriors read this I could use some prayer in that area. So that in the things that I am not trusting Him with I will lay those down at His feet, and even the areas that I don't even realize, that He would reveal those to me and I would begin to give those to Him as well, because just like I said in the Romans 8:28 Daily Word. His ways are better and His purpose and plans are far greater than anything I could imagine, and that's where I want to be. In His ways for His purpose. I am also happy to pray for you if you have any prayer needs. Let me know. Bless you today! Peace and mercy from God our wonderful and merciful and loving and gracious King and Father be with you today! I hope your day is filled with joy!

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