Thankful Thursday: My Mom

I thought today was Friday for about 2 minutes and nearly had a panic attack. Not really, but sort of. Today I am thankful for my mom, we may not see eye to eye, or agree on things (which I am clearly right on (0:) but we love each other. It has been a long road, and a lot of it has been bumpy to say the least. Last night we had dinner at Boo Ray's, it's a little cajun place in our town that I absolutely love eating blackened anything at. We had the Blackened Mahi Mahi and it was so good! My mom is very forgetful and I am fearful for when I am her age, because if I keep going at the rate I forget things now, when I am her age, well, I might need to be put in a nursing home a few years early, just kidding, I think… Anyway, my mom called me on her way and said she'd meed me at Razoo's in 15 minutes. Cajun. That's close. She makes me laugh. Anyway, last night our dinner conversation was rather tough. We talked about some serious stuff. I was a little bit on the eye watery side after the conversation, but today I am just thankful for her. Thankful that the Lord teaches me things through our relationship and allows us to have a relationship. Today I am thankful for my mom.

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