Do Not Forget

Okay, I promised myself that I wouldn't be "that blogger" ( no offense to that blogger, I like your blogs, it's just not me (usually), ya know?) and yet here I doing a Giveaway and blogging about it on my site rather than the actual Boutique site. I promised myself I wouldn't but I guess it's such a personal thing I thought it would be alright. So, in hopes that I don't completely annoy you or deprive you out of a few minutes of your life in order to check this out, I want to let you in, once again, on our Friday Freebie!

The winner of the Friday Freebie will be chosen at random on May 31, 2013. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Seriously! No shipping and handling cost either! I personally will package and ship the keychain to the winner. So Do Not Forget to sign up for it. All I want is your email address so I can harass you a little bit. Just kidding. I only send out a Newsletter once every 3 months and you should sign up for that too! Because it's totally worth the freebies I put in it and the Coupon Corner is always of value to you.

Also, as if I don't tell you enough, Do Not Forget that you are loved today and that there is someone who cares about you. When people fail you; He never will! His name is Jesus and He's WONDERFUL! And Do Not Forget that I love you too! Thank you for reading my annoying post that I promised I'd never do, but am now completely doing.

Here it is:
(Even if you don't like or need it, re-gifting is ALWAYS a great option on FREE stuff!)