Quick Update

We are in South Dakota! We missed the border picture or in our case for this trip, Caleb has made a vine video for every state crossing, so we'll get it on the way home. We have switched drivers about 4-5 times now. It is so pretty out here we decided that if we were to go to Ireland this is what we imagine it being like. I will post pictures in just a little while, the connection just isn't good enough to upload them right now. We stopped in a cute little diner in Nebraska for breakfast and I had the biggest omelet I have ever even seen in my whole life, it was bigger than a Storm's or a Jake & Dorothy's chicken fried steak. I took a picture of that too! Sloan90X has kind of died out we keep saying we're going to do it but, we don't do it, I think we are too tired. I'll upload a video of that so you can know just exactly what I'm talking about. I can't wait to be at Mt. Rushmore. It will be a good stop for us to take a break. I love all of you! Check out my Daily Word post for today!

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