O Canada, Here We Come!

I wasn’t going to post until tonight when we get to Caleb’s parents casa, but I figured why not? We are officially on the road. None of our luggage had to go on top, I was extremely excited that everyone packed so little for the trip. Last night I called Olivia and as we were discussing our packing lists, we decided that by now, we should be professional packers. Seriously, with all the little trips we take, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what to bring, but it always is.

Either way, I only packed a carry on, a normal bag, my bedding, my purse, a snack bag for the group snacks and an ice chest. That is a record! We drove around the airport for a solid 15 minutes trying to find the rent-a-car place and finally decided not to follow the signs and we found it. Funny how that works when you’re at the airport, right? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that?

I’m not sure where we are now, but two are already down and the other two are doing some Bible study thing in the front seat (I kind of feel left out). I hope that all of you are having a great Sunday afternoon.

2 hours down 38 to go!