Thankful Thursday: Puppy Lovin

Today I have spent some quality time with a certain little chocolate fellow. His real name is Phileo which means love. I gave him that name because he was a Valentines present. I call him Leo though, and not like Leo the astrology term, but the way a Brazillian would pronounce it. He is so smart! I'm trying to teach him how to "high five" with me. That's the trick I've decided on for the summer. You can read more about my summer in my 30 in 3 post. He is the sweetest little guy ever! He likes to play tug-o-war, which I'm starting to get tired of. Literally as he gets bigger I feel like he's gonna pull my arm out of socket. But I love it at the same time because he's so funny. He also likes to watch tv Grey's and cartoons, but he barks at scary movies and shows, so I'm gathering he doesn't like them too much. Anyway, I will quit being "that dog parent" right now & just say I am thankful for my sweet puppy and the sweet man who gave him to me. That's what I'm thankful for this rainy and misty and wonderful Thursday.

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