Good Morning Monday

Hello fellow bloggers! It's a great Monday morning for blogging and cleaning up our blogs.
I have been reading lately, everything I can read about blogging. Friday I decided to take an e-course on professional blogging. This morning I have decided to follow the steps in the e-course to change things up a little bit. Apparently in the world of blogging first thing is first: creating a logo and a brand. I researched different ways to do this and obviously the best companies to work with in creating a brand. I found the coolest logo creator software and company that was recommended by other bloggers. It is called Design Mantic. They allow bloggers and small business owners to create free logos and artwork just for promoting them and blogging about them. I highly suggest checking it out. Especially for new bloggers or small business owners on a budget. Not only is it a great deal, but it is a system that, I have found, a lot of bloggers in the "blogging community" practice. Helping each other out. Advertising for each other and spreading the word about each other in order to help grow both blogs. In most cases it is called ad for ad. Maybe in some cases it could be a guest blog post. In this case it's a simple post about a great company who offers free services to bloggers. You can check it out or feel free to test drive it here.

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