Well, we are in Washington, about an hour away from the first Starbucks ever, then just a few more hours and we'll be in Pitt Meadows. There is snow on the mountains up here ya'll! It is so beautiful. I think since we got into Wyoming, I have over used the phrases, "It is so pretty" and "Oh it's so beautiful." But really it is. My mom text me yesterday and said it gives a whole new meaning to the word majesty. I have really thought about that on this trip, it is beautifully breath taking in some places. The waterfall all at the way down the side of the snowy mountain with a ring of clouds around the top was one of the places I was just like, "Oh wow!" It makes me think of Jesus, in all His glory when we get to see Him. We think that things here on this earth are beautiful, but we have no clue.

I will keep you updated a little bit more later on, my phone is about to die, which is my internet connection. I hope you are all having a GREAT Tuesday! I hope you are blessed and you know how much God truly loves you! I am so thankful for the Lord's mercies on this long 40 hour journey so far. He is so good!

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