10 Day Blog Challenge: UNO

Self Portrait

10 Random Facts About Me (that you don't already know!)

  1. My feet are usually black on the bottom ( I'm usually shoe-less)
  2. I am hosting my first Blog Conference this year, along with the help of some blogging friends
  3. Sonic pretzel dogs are my newest craving, they're so stinkin' good!
  4. I wrote a new song this week based off of Galatians 6:8 and Romans 12:1-2
  5. I have done way too many loads of laundry this week!
  6. I bought candy in Canada and had to throw all of it away when I got home because it melted in the car…fail!
  7. I try and use the word swag whenever not appropriate
  8. I have a new room mate named Emily
  9. My new favorite thing to cook and eat with Caleb is mushrooms and onions
  10. I am a horrible organizer!

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