10 Day Blog Challenge: Dos

A Day in the Life: of Me? Que?

That is incredibly hard to describe. My days are never the same. I spend a majority of the week working on my blog and keeping up the other two websites I do for my actual job and now doing homework. I am not a routine kind of girl when it comes to summertime. I can honestly say I don’t think any of my days have been (routine-wise) close to the same except on trips. Since I can’t give you a typical day in the life I am going to give you one of my recent days I enjoyed:

Last Friday, I woke up pretty late; I actually woke up to Caleb calling, which was a pleasant surprise. Then, Emily (my new roommate) and I met Hadley at the retreat center to go run. I took Leo along and He was surprisingly great at keeping up and didn’t hardly run off at all while we were back in the woods.  When we got done with our run, which was around a mile and a half, we sat down to stretch and just talk while Leo swam. He loves the pool so much! Afterwards, I heated us all up some breakfast. That consisted of eggs, sausage, and bacon. So we basically had protein in a bowl, and it was great!

We sat and talked to Landon for a little while and watched part of a movie with him, I don’t remember which one now, I think the final competition at the end of Pitch Perfect. Then we went down to the house for just a little bit, I did a load or two of laundry and we headed back up to the retreat center. For some reason the Internet isn’t working at my house, so I had to go up there to use the Internet. We watched some random movies with Landon. Lady B got there with a load from Sam’s so we helped unload and put away all of that stuff. Then I worked on my blog and emailed a few people and took Emily to work.

After I dropped her off I had to stop at Sonic, seriously. Well not really. But I did and I tried one of those new pretzel dogs. It was so good!

Then my favorite part of the day Caleb came over and we made dinner and watched a movie together, well us and Landon. He ate dinner with us and then made us cookies. He made each of us two so that we could make ice cream sandwiches. Which I, of course, did. The movie was dumb, but the company was good. I am pretty sure this sounds like much more of a boring day than I felt like it was, but either way, God is good and He has blessed me beyond what I could have ever imagined and obviously more than I deserve. I am so thankful and grateful for God’s grace and His wonderful blessings, and His mercies that are new each and every morning. God is so good! I pray that if you happen to read this today that you are blessed and you know God’s grace as well. It’s free to know Him and the best relationship you will ever have, ever! He cares more than anyone on this earth could even try to and He knows you better than you know yourself.
Isn't my little brother sweet to Caleb & I (0:

I am thankful for all of you who read this blog on a normal basis! You really do mean so much to me I hope you know that! You are awesome and I hope today is a wonderful and blessed day for you! Remember you are lovely and created by the artist who created artists!

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