10 Day Blog Challenge: Tres

What are Your Favorite Secret Places in Your Home?

This might be one of the most random prompts I have seen, but I kind of like it. It’s fun. I don’t really have too many secret places in my home, but I will try and describe the ones I have.

The coffee table in between my couches has a drawer that no one can see and I feel like that is my little secret Harry Potter drawer that is invisible and holds my secret and treasured stuff, like an emergency Bible (in case I lose mine), finger nail polish (because the world might run out), a magazine that has a workout I have been wanting to do for about a year now (I’ll get around to it, right?), and I am pretty sure there is a small bottle of lotion in it. I know pretty random stuff, but no one knows about the drawer so it seems more fun.

One of my suitcases is in my living room most of the time as decoration, but it is almost always packed and ready to go for those spontaneous trips. Most people just think it’s decoration and I like to think it would be a surprise if they knew it was full instead of empty.

I have a few others, but they wouldn’t be a secret if I told you, now would they?

What about you? I want to hear about your fun secret places in your home? 

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