Blogger's Block? Here's Your Cure!

  1. We all love pictures! Pick 3 from your phone or camera and tell us a story about each one.
  2. Tell us about your favorite childhood memory.
  3. Give us your best dating advice.
  4. Married? Re-tell us about your wedding day, would you do anything differently? Was is perfect? Give us some cute pictures!
  5. Not married? Tell us about your dream wedding, include pictures and or link your Pinterest board to your post.
  6. Give us a list. We like lists! Of your favorite blogs.
  7. Have you been wondering about something lately, big or small? Ask us! Let us answer your question.
  8. Favorites Post! These are some of my favorite to read. Pick 10 Categories and tell us your favs!
  9. The Classic, "A Day in the Life" of YOU post.
  10. Ask for a guest post from a friend.
  11. Do a review. I don't really love these, but they're helpful!
  12. Give us a piece of your mind. Tell us something you are passionate about. Even if we already know, figure out how to tell us in a new and fresh way.
  13. Go on an adventure and tell us about it.
  14. Do a throw back, tell us about an old adventure that we've never heard about.
  15. Recipe, Recipe, Recipe. Give us one or two or a few of your all-time favs and we want to see pictures of your creations.
  16. What are your Go-To sites for blog help or resources? Please share them.
  17. Be Real! Tell us how you learned from a failure.
  18. Six Post! This is actually a new series I am going to do in August. Start telling us six random things about you each week. Or just do this as one post.
  19. Write a review of a new movie that has recently come out and you've seen. It's a good excuse for a movie night!
  20. Your favorite movie. Even if it's old school. Tell us what it is and why you love it.
  21. Your favorite book. Tell us all about it!
  22. Try something new. Then write about it and take pictures!
  23. Tell us your testimony (even if you already have tell it again…)
  24. Has the Lord taught you something new? 
  25. Favorite scripture or just one that means a lot to you and why?
  26. Do a fashion post. Tell us what your favorite summer wears are.
  27. What do you worry about? We all do it, tell us something you have given to the Lord that you have worried about in the past? Or that you still worry about.
  28. Do a blog challenge. This could be one (51)
  29. How do you wear your hair on a daily basis? Always the same? We want to see it. Always different? We want to see it. Take pictures and tell us about it.
  30. How often do you deep clean your house/apt.? Give us a room by room list of what that consists of for you.
  31. Did you go to college? Now would be a perfect time to help out those new students with first time college advice.
  32. Co-Host a blog party. There are tons of bloggers that do this and would be happy for you to co-host. Tiffany @TheDwellingTree hosts a great one!
  33. Are you an expert? At anything? Washing dishes, budgeting, writing, listening, crafting, movie trivia, song lyrics, making ice cream, texting, etc. Tell us about your random expert-ness. We want to hear about it.
  34. Visit any new Pinterest links lately? Tell us about your Pinterest adventure.
  35. Tell us about a person that inspires you.
  36. Tell us about a person that you love.
  37. What is your dream vacation? Have more than one, do a dream vacation mini-series.
  38. Tell us what your dream job is and why. If you already have done this, use your imagination and dream up a new one.
  39. Tell us about a new style you want to try but haven't yet (don't worry if anyone steals it, it will be time stamped on your blog so you can claim it).
  40. Indoors or Outdoors? Which do you prefer and why? 
  41. What's your favorite color combination? Or combinations? Show them to us and tell us why.
  42. Start a bucket list. Already have one? Add to it and do an update!
  43. Set goals for your blog this month and let us in on what they are.
  44. Start a new series. Examples: Thankful Thursdays
  45. What holiday is coming up next? Don't just do the normal, here's what i did with who and give pictures (well do that too) but we want to hear about something random, like your holiday outfit, or your favorite thing you ate during the holiday, or start a series on Christmas and incorporate one of these things a day. Make up some new traditions or tell us about ones you already have.
  46. Find a cool YouTube video and share it with us. Tell us why you like it first though!
  47. What are your thoughts on movie ratings these days? Should the movies we watch in theaters be allowed on TV? Does this say something about the movies we watch in theaters? 
  48. Do your nails! Tell us about it, did you go get them done? Do you have a nail lady? What's her story? Did you do them yourself? What color did you paint them (the actual name on the bottle)? What brand? Give us a picture of it so if we like it we can be copy cats and give you the credit. 
  49. Try a new restaurant and then tell us about it. Meet the owner and tell them they're food is going to be put on your blog. Ask if you can take a picture with them. Make sure and say thank you too much!
  50. Ever won an award or do you have something you're proud of or have accomplished? Tell us! We want in on it!
  51. BONUS: Turn this into a challenge introduce it before you actually start it, call it the Blogger's Block Challenge, and invite your friends to do it with you. 
I hope this is a helpful list. It's always good to have go to places when your brain just won't work. Happy blogging lovely bloggers! Remember the Lord loves and cares about you today! Seriously! He does! and so do I and if you ever need to chat or need something to be prayed for let me know!

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