Thankful Thursday: Satisfying God

I am pretty sure I am delirious and getting weird. I feel like I still haven't caught up from Canada.
These girls are making me so happy. They all have their cute little Bibles out discussing the Word and sharing good stuff with each other. We are all so dead and prayers for rest and strength would be so so so appreciated. The kids are all doing so good! I get so dead on these trips and this year seems even worse on the lack of rest and sleep, but as Maddy just read to us, Psalm 107:9 promises this, "He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what is good." He is my strength, and he satisfies this thirsty soul! He is so good! I am so thankful that He does!

While I was speaking of Maddy, I just want to say that she shared her testimony of what the Lord has done in her life tonight for the first time ever on a stage in front of people, and it was amazing to hear. She was nervous and a little bit scared, but totally believed that God could use her tonight and work through her, and wow! He was totally present. She was living out Isaiah 61:1-4. The Spirit of the Lord was on her. He was present in that place tonight, and I was amazed!

These students are all blowing my mind at how they are stepping up and going above and beyond what is asked of them. They are an encouragement to me and I am thankful for them. God is using them in mighty ways and I am absolutely blessed to be even a small part of it. Today we had so much going on people were prayer walking, passing out flyers for a block party Friday, cleaning, painting, digging up a burn pile to help a pastor, teaching children about Jesus, and spending time in fellowship with one another in a manner that just shouts love! I am so, thankful!

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