Thankful Thursday: The Word

I know this is the second time recently that I have used the Word as the thing I am thankful for, but seriously, it is so refreshing. Even when it's hard to read, for example, Proverbs talking about disciple and reproof. Not easy stuff to learn or read, but so good, because it's truth!

I am thankful that His promises are true and that the Word is living and active and through spending time in it, we get to know Jesus better. We get to know the character of our loving and merciful God better. I just love it, I am thankful that God uses us for His purpose and plan. Just the mere fact that He allows us to be vessels for His work here on this earth, blows me away. I had to choke back tears earlier just thanking Him that He is mindful of me.

Think about that! He is mindful of you! He loves you! Wow! I am seriously in awe today at our God.

I pray that if you read this today that you are challenged to go read or pray, or just spend time in His presence today. I really recommend 1 Chronicles 16, the Psalm of Thanksgiving. It's good stuff!

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