We Made It...

Halfway anyway. We got to Old River and saw Cody and Elizabeth and Luke and I was so excited! Before we got there we stopped to eat lunch and then to fuel up at Buck-ee’s. We packed out What A Burger today for lunch. Caleb even carried our pizza from Little Caesar’s inside. Buck-ee’s was packed. I would say I’ve never seen it that full of people, but that would imply that I’ve been there many times. I’ve been there once. So I guess technically that would be true. It was packed!

 Even though there were a few glitches in our first concert, the students did so great. I was so proud of them! They sounded so, so good! Elizabeth and Maggie did so awesome on their solos. JC did one of the songs he wrote. He is ridiculous, and it’s not fair!

Our host home was some wonderful people. They just got home from a marriage conference so we talked marriage for a little bit tonight. They were so cute and totally cheesy in love. Not to the “Okay, get a room” standard, but their in the category of “Oh, he loves his wife and she is head over heels.” They also are passionate about putting the Lord first in their marriage. So Awesome! I want people to say that about us one day.

We’re about to head out again. Pray for safe travel.
Already getting the cards out

Our handsome driver (0:

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