10 Day Blog Challenge: Nueve

Car Pictures!

Well, I am sad to say that yet again, I didn't complete a blog challenge in the time that I am supposed to. I'm going to go with, "I'm a rebel and that's why I didn't do it."

Which is not true, unfortunately.

I just honestly didn't want to do this post, because I didn't have time to clean my car out and I'm not too sure I want to show my car with all the mess in it (it's not horrible, but I would rather you see a clean car than messy). 
Since I am not showing any pics, can we please play the guessing game? It's my favorite!

What do you think I drive?

Could I rock a Minivan, Hummer, or a PT Cruiser, or a VW Beetle, or an Altima or a F150?

A little car, SUV, or a truck?

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