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Most Recent Shopping Trip Splurge
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This post is going to let you all in on how much of a true "tight wad" I am. Other than supplies for the Peach Festival coming up, I have only been shopping for actually shopping, just for fun purposes, twice in the past two or three weeks. 

The first shopping trip: 
Here's what I got, why, and how much it cost:

I got two pair of shoes, one for me and one for Emily (Leo ate my flats the night before and she didn't have any) 
$5.00 each

Two cell phone cases with wallets in them (she needed a case and I wanted something smaller to carry my phone and moola in) 
$1.00 each

4 finger nail polishes (because I am addicted and they were on sale) 
$0.50 each

3 pair of sunshades/glasses (Also because they were on sale and because I they're fun to get everyone - Libby, Emily, and I) 
$1.00 each

My total was $18 and some change, and I had buyers remorse!

The Second shopping trip:
Here's what I got, why and how much it cost.

A cute little hard back purse sized planner with a ribbon bookmark (because Ragan had one, told me where she got it and we had an entire conversation about it, so I stopped because it was on the way and ended up having the coupon already on my phone, I had to, right?)

Original price: $2.50 (which is already awesome)
What I paid: $1.98 with a coupon, of course (0:

In case no one has told you today, Jesus loves you! He died and rose again for you! He is mindful of you! Isn't that awesome!?!? (0: I love it!

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