10 Day Blog Challenge: Seis

This question's answer makes me a little bit sad. I pride myself on being one of those girls that "can take care of herself." Well for the most part, but when it comes to fixing a flat tire, not so much! I can check my oil, take a spark plug out, and do some random small things like that, but if I were to have a flat, here's how it would get fixed:

First I would pray and thank the Lord that it was just a flat and nothing like i experienced last year. Then I would call Caleb, Dad, and Landon. I would hate to do it and I'd feel bad for not knowing how to because that means one of them would end up coming to get me/fix the tire. I'm sure if I was stranded and had to figure it out I could. That's why someone invented iPhones and Google, right? But they would be my first phone calls.