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Seriously go check her out! She is awesome! I am not a cat person, I am actually quite the opposite, and Simon Cowell just doesn't make me happy, but Hannah's crush on him and all things cat makes me smile. I love her and the fact that she loves both of those things is great, because she is true to her cute little Hannah self. She blogs over at 
I am excited for you to "meet" her. I am blessed to know her in person, and what a lovely person she is, inside and out! She loves the Lord and is headed to college next year. I pray that God changes a piece of the world by continuing to shine His marvelous light through her.


Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m a daughter of Christ, an 18 year old soon-to-be college student, an avid polka dot wearer, a quirky girl who is weirdly attracted to Simon Cowell, a well-known cat lady, and a lover of 90’s music. Simply put, I am a quirky teenager.


As a lazy, I only wash my hair three times a week teenager, I am sometimes thought of as careless and unreliable. Certainly, I may wear the same outfit four days in a row and put on the fa├žade of my favorite polka dot shirt’s most reliable friend, but in reality if I was left with a goldfish for a week, it might just die of starvation. Sadly, my mom probably wouldn’t even believe me if I told her I would wash the dishes (sorry mom, I’m bloggin’ instead,) and the waiter at IHOP wouldn’t really believe me if I asked for pancakes, because I told him I wanted french toast .227 seconds earlier. But today, I can tell you with 100% confidence that I am here to change the world. (And disclaimer, I won’t need Simon Cowell’s help to do it.) Now you may think I am being a fickle and capricious teen who gets up one morning, decides she is going to save the world (or really just make chocolate chip cookies) and cries for help when she can’t find where the flour is stored, but I am telling you, I am PROMISING you, that I am well equipped to change the world and you (teen/Simon Cowell or not) are as well.

Recently, I decided I really wanted to get serious about knowing God’s word. While I have struggled in the past with staying consistent, staying interested, or just staying awake, some switch flipped in my frontal lobe of my Simon Cowell lovin’ brain that made me, for one of the few times in my teenage life, excited to dive into God’s word. While for some it may be going to the park, or getting a white chocolate mocha from Starbuck’s, for me it was taking notes. (Yes, I love English, yes I love rhetoric, yes I am a nerd.) As I was taking notes in my cat embellished journal studying Hebrews 11 (I urge you to read that now if you haven’t recently,) God laid out everything I had been learning recently in bible study, Sunday school, and in my own quiet time, and pieced it together perfectly. And so, without much more anticipation, here it is – by faith, we are called to be God’s faithful ones, yet it is through living our faith out that God’s faithfulness to His promise is recognized. Now I know I just used faith fifty million times in one sentence, (sorry I like to emphasize a lot,) but even if I used faith fifty million more times, it would not put a dent to how faithful God is. Through Abraham, through Moses, through David, through Noah, through Sarah, and through many other faithful people in the Bible, God’s faithfulness to His promise was fulfilled. In fact, it is by God’s faithful followers that through God they were given the ability to understand God’s faithfulness to his promise. Indeed, through the promise of God, God’s faithful followers have: “through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness … made strong, became valiant in battle, [and] turned to flight the armies of the aliens.” (Hebrews 11:33-34) Is that not like Simon Cowell singing in a deep v-neck awesome? As I have reiterated, it is BY faith and THROUGH faith that God’s faithfulness is fulfilled. When we are faithful to what He has called us to do, He will prove to be faithful. He will give us power. He will give us courage. He will give us confidence. He will give us hope. As Psalm 145:13 states (and quite coincidentally it is the verse on my awesome cat journal) “The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made.” Just take a second to soak that truth in.

As a super lazy teenager, as God’s faithful follower, I act in audacious faith to change the world in my generation. By and through God’s faithfulness, I can CHANGE THE WORLD for His glory and for His name, all I must do, all we must do, is be faithful. His promises are true, and by George the reward is great (perhaps I’ll get to meet Simon Cowell, Ryan Gosling, or grumpy cat one day – or maybe not). Or perhaps (well, most definitely) I will live in the joy and promise of Christ that never fails and this is always true.

xx, Hannah

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