Early Birthday Fun

Yesterday my friends whom I consider family, threw me a surprise birthday lunch! 
It was so sweet! and I was so thankful. 
Emily was moving out yesterday, so she told me she wanted to have lunch for our last day as house mates. And of course, where do you think we went? Sushi! We met everyone at our newest little hibachi grill and sushi bar. It was so good! Our chef made a "rice cake" birthday cake and had everyone sing to me, it was quite embarrassing, but funny.

They all pulled together to get me a bb gun little pistol. 
I know it sounds like a weird present, but it's something I have wanted for a while now, and they all knew that, so it was so thoughtful! 

After that we had a group of little gymnast girls and they were so cute all dressed up for their banquet. We served them and then played the fish bowl game with the family. It was so funny! The older we get the more like our Paw Paw that my dad is and yesterday during the game he made us laugh so hard! 

Then, Caleb and I got it out last night and made a target out of a cup box and spray paint. 
We had so much fun (at least I did for sure!) and took turns trying to hit the target. 
Fat chance if I thought I was going to, but hey we got close! He hit quite a few right in the center circle and I hit the box a few times!



I wish this picture wasn't blurry, but he was running so I had to too.
My family came out and played with us before all the CO2 ran out.  

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