DIY Frame Letters (or anything else you can think of)

So for my boyfriend's sister's birthday I decided to make her and her husband something for their home. I have made a total of three projects now, but I just couldn't settle on any of them. I think it was because I wanted Caleb to take part in it and help me with it, so it was genuinely from "us" and we didn't just put that on the tag. So, tonight we got started. He washed and scrubbed part of it that we found in a trash barrel (I can't tell you what that is yet, just in case she sees this tutorial before next Friday- I hope not though and it was a trash barrel for old scrap wood so it wasn't really that gross). I started on the Framed Letters and well, really that's all i did, he did most of the rest of it. She told me the other night about her recent burlap project. So here is the tutorial:


  • Frame - $2.96 at Wal Mart
  • Burlap - $1.49 for 1/2 yard (or whatever you want as the background)
  • Paint Pen - $1.95 at Wal Mart
  • Letter (just printed in the size you want on a normal sheet of paper)
  • Tape

 Start by taking out the handy dandy "fake photos" from the frame to cut out your background (burlap)

 Take everything out of the frame and put the glass back in securely (be extremely careful during this part) Then tape the letter or number or phrase on backwards in the frame.

 Next near a light source trace the letter with the paint pen. They dry fast and you can't go back over where you have already drawn or it looks like a dry erase marker on a white board, so do this part in sections if you have to. I outlined mine first and then colored in the middle in sections.

Last take the paper off, turn the glass around put the background, fake photo (backwards) and the backing in the frame and close it. Then Wah Lah! You're done! 

This is one of my most favorite projects I have ever done and I am making a few that are just a little bit harder and adding some things to them for my store. I will show pics later, but I hope you enjoy I would love to see pictures if any of you use this technique. It is so fun, and it's fast and simple!

P.S. The other day I was so excited to be on Blogs by Christian Women! It was an honor and I was so thankful for the opportunity! If you have just a minute check it out!