Thankful Thursday: I have skipped you so!

I have skipped Thankful Thursday for the past two weeks, not because I am not thankful, but because I am busy (I need to stop being busy!) This week though, I am thankful for Lady B! Tomorrow is her birthday! I am a horrible step-daughter and haven't decided on anything for her yet. And yes, I know time is running out.

I am thankful that even though she talks an extremely lot, and she can be stubborn (which is only bad because we are the same when it comes to that area of our personality) she is one of the most Godly, giving, loving, lives her life according to the Word women I have ever met. She has taught me so so much and been there for me when there was no one else to be there for me and had my back always! I love her and I am blessed to have her in my life and even more an important and big part of my life! Ya'll should all go tell her "Happy Early Birthday!" (0:

Plus, she's kind of crazy and weird (like me) (0: