A Day in the Life {Link Up}

A Day in the Life of….

I eat grass
I eat socks
I eat paper plates
I eat towels
I eat wood and sticks
I eat the carpet
I eat the couch's pillows
I eat my mom's shoes
I eat blankets
I ate a piece of paper last week
I eat an extra 1/2 cup of food than recommended (because I'm spoiled)
I eat at least two treats a day
I try and eat the cats (I get scratched)

I hate sleeping in my own bed
I like watching TV and YouTube videos
I love swimming (I could swim for hours)
I steer clear of frogs
I ate the cable so we can't watch normal TV
I do jumpy circles in the kitchen when it's time to eat breakfast and dinner
I am a good cuddler
I like to lick WAY too much!
I pray before I eat
(my mom actually just taught me to bow my head while she prays & thanks God for providing for her so she can for me)
I mind my table manners
I'm a ranch dog
I love Baru
I annoy Baru
I'm pretty annoying in general actually
BUT it's only because I love everyone!
I love my mom
I love my aunt
I love getting in my water bowl
I love slopping my water all over the kitchen floor 
I love barking at the front door
I love getting on the couch (ESPECIALLY when I'm not allowed to)
I sit on people's feet because I just like to be near them

Even though I'm a dog, my mom prays for me
She thanks God for me too!
She loves me and I love her!

This is a day in the life of a 9 month old chocolate lab.

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