It's Finally Up!

Hello Bloggers!
I have a few really quick announcements to make. 

1. I finally have the Sponsor page up for the Hello Lovely Blog Awards and Conference!

2. Because of a generous Sponsor whom wishes to remain anonymous (but Thank You!) ticket prices are being reduced by almost 1/2! 

3. We have a new committee member!! She's got great ideas and is ready to share! 

4. We have a new break out session speaker, and she is wonderful!
If you are interested in doing a break out session please email me at info{at}chosentheblog{dot}com

5. We will be announcing our Keynote Speaker on October 1 so stay tuned in to see who it is! 
Let me just say, I am excited to hear her speak! It's truly an honor to have her coming to the conference!

6. The first 20 people to use the code LOVELYSALE2 get a 20% discount off of the already discounted price! Don't miss out! 

7. We still need nominations! Please take just a few minutes and tell us who and why you love the blogs and bloggers that you do!

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