Thankful Thursday: It Might Be Early, but

It might be a little bit early, but I was looking at a blogging editorial calendar the other day and "Fall" was on there for August and September! So, that just inspired me to post about everything "Fall." A couple weeks ago at choir and praise team rehearsal, and well, all day that day, I wore my boots, jeans, long sleeves and a scarf. Yes, it was obviously still summer, but I woke up and it was cool outside, so I felt like Fall and decided to dress accordingly. Not to mention, the boots and scarf were both birthday presents, so I couldn't wait to wear them!

Then the next week while I was out getting supplies for my newest DIY projects (that I promise will all be up soon!) I saw so many fall decorations already in stores. It gave me so many ideas for Fall decor that I could make or try to make anyway. I will share all of those at a later date, and I just got excited! Usually I say that Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons, but I love Spring too! It's just so hard to pick. It's seriously so perfect how God orchestrates all of it. Summer is so hot, and I love being hot rather than cold, but I can't stand Summer hardly at all, outside that is. But just as I really get to the point that I can't stand it, Fall comes whipping in just in time for me to be able to look forward to the heat next year. Then Winter gets here and it's time to be all cozy and snuggly, it's all so exciting! Praise the Lord for the wonderful changes in the weather! I am so thankful for them! I love all of it! Blessings to all of you today!
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