DIY Recycled Wreath

Supplies Needed:
  • Pool Noodle (mine was a little rough with some chunks taken out of it from kids, but it still worked great!
  • Old clothes ( I used an old shirt that was in my recycle/giveaway bag
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Duck Tape (Dollar Tree kind works perfectly)
  • Super Glue
  • Scissors
  • Old book pages
  • Buttons
  • Wire or Paper clip
Make Strips and Flowers ahead of time

Duck Tape Two Ends Together

  • Super glue then, duck tape two ends of the pool noodle together
  • Add and extra piece or two or three to make sure it's secure
  • Cut Clothes into 2in X 1ft pieces or as long as you wish to make it easy on you
  • Make your paper flowers and your fabric flowers
  • Wrap strips of fabric around the noodle one at a time and use hot glue to apply them
  • Add paper clip or wire for a hanging mount on which ever side you want to use as the back 
  • Glue all flowers on
  • Hang and enjoy!
The strips and flowers can be time consuming. It is always best to make these before you start and then grab them as you need them. I keep a basket of fabric flowers and embellishments stocked for projects like this. I get on a roll when making them all at once and do it when I am bored or watching TV.

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