Thankful Thursday: Little Sister/Best Friend

I am so thankful for my little sister. She is my best friend. I don't know why the Lord blessed me with her, but he did and I am so thankful, that he did. Today as I was going through Pinterest and getting my post for next week's Pin-Wednesday, I came across this poster:

You can buy this poster here

In a since not necessarily talking about happiness, more about holiness, I guess you could say, or maybe "Happiness or joy is who you travel with not how you get there." It reminded me of my sister's thoughts in her latest blog post. This certain blog post, we actually ended up arguing (or discussing with differences in opinion) over for about thirty minutes the other day, but finally came to a conclusion (agree to disagree resolve). So, today. I wanted to share her post with ya'll. Maybe it will be a blessing to you as much as it was to me.

Read with CAUTION. 
She writes AWESOME stuff, and she doesn't hold back. 
That's one of the things I love about her. 

Relationship vs. Religion:

Insights on eternal life

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