Wedding Planning: Lessons Learned {The Registry}

So, I am not up on all of this wedding planning stuff. I am learning though. So, I figured I would start telling all of you things that I have learned and continue learning along the way, in hopes that it might be helpful to you or maybe someone you know.

First lesson that I learned: When registering for our wedding we learned a lot about each other. I learned that Caleb and I have completely different tastes in decorating, towels, sheets, curtains, and well. Let's just say that the first time we went into the stores to register, we put a grand total of ZERO things on our registry.

My advice?

Make a plan before you go. Talk about things that you need and things that you want. Talk about your style and decorating differences and similarities. Know these things about each other before you go. I was shocked that I didn't know all of what I learned about Caleb's "manly decorating ideas" before we went. Don't assume just because he's a man he doesn't care. He has opinions, it's his home too. 

Use the list they give you. The stores usually have a "suggested list" of things that you should put on your registry. They are extremely helpful!

Look before you go. We spent time looking online at the stores before we went back the second time. I should rephrase that and say I looked and showed Caleb stuff online, until I could tell he was completely DONE looking at stuff and didn't care anymore.

Spread things out. Don't feel like you have to get it all done in one trip. We did everything except for kitchen things together. Then I went back with my mom to finish the kitchen part of the registry. But ask him about doing parts of without him.

Ask for help. Ask other women what you need to put on there that you might not think of. Things that they were glad they put on theirs when they got married or things that you probably don't need that you are thinking about putting on your registry.

Enjoy it! I can honestly say this was a difficult chore for me, but a good and neccessary one. Not to get too spiritual, but when thinking about the refining fire, and becoming holy, I don't always think of pleasant and easy things I've gone through. In fact, I think of some of the hardest times, but times that brought me great joy. I know it's just a registry, but it was one of those times we learned a lot about each other, I had to be completely honest about things (things that didn't completely pertain to the registry, but things that we're brought up because of the registry conversations). I can honestly say that I got joy from doing the registry and learning things I didn't know about the wonderful man I love, and learning {again} to die to myself, even if we don't agree on the color of towels to put in our bathroom.

Be mindful of others. I would say it was a joy too not just because we made a list of things for other people to get us (which is awesome). But, in learning all about how registries work & what all you put on them, I truly believe this is a HUGE blessing that people and even maybe us at first just get caught up in the "stuff" side of things, and take for granted. However, it is truly truly a blessing that I thought long and hard over because in being good stewards of our resources, time, etc. and this could be considered one of them; we have to be mindful of all the people who may choose to look at it. It may sound silly, but I tried to be prayerful & cautious in registering that we didn't go completely overboard. Yes, we put a few splurge items that we don't absolutely NEED, but will definitely be used and appreciated. But when we say we want to honor and glorify The Lord in all aspects of our lives and our marriage. This is just another one, and I think it's important to keep that in the forefront of your mind and heart during this process.

Think about the showers that people have previously mentioned, seriously or just in passing. Register at places that are in both your town and next to your family members and your home towns. Again, keep others in mind.

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