5 Marketing Mistakes Bloggers Make

  1. Only having a bolg doesn't help much with marketing your blog or shop. The most common place that I know of to not only gain readership but also keep up with your favorite blogs is Bloglovin'
  2. Not Linking your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. There are a number of other sites that allow you to link in your blog as a part of your profile. These are just a few examples, but a necessary place to link your blog to. I have been shocked to see how many people don't link their blogs to their Facebook pages.
  3. Not using an editorial calendar. I have found that the hardest part of blogging is getting too busy. I forget to post things like Thankful Thursdays (last week for example) and I know I do it every week, but I haven't been keeping up with my calendar in order to keep up my posts. Continuing posting on a regular basis is a kind of a big deal when it comes to marketing. It helps your followers know when to look for new content, what to expect, etc.
  4. Not Keeping Up with followers. Don't forget about the people who comment on your posts. Keep up with them. Visit their blogs. Comment on their blogs and help them out whenever possible. I know for me, Tiffany at The Dwelling Tree has been a huge support in my blogging and it is always encouraging to hear from her. 
  5. Not commenting on other blogs. Just like keeping up with your followers and keeping up with the people that comment on your posts. You should return the favor and comment on blogs that you visit frequently. As well as, stopping by to check out a few of their followers blogs too.

Give people plenty of avenues to get to your blog.
Give them plenty of content to read (good content!).
Write read-worthy content regularly.

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