Look What I Found: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Mousse!

Click here for recipe.

Last night Lulu and Josh came over for our newest (and one of my most favorite) weekly adventures. Watching The Walking Dead (so sorry to say I'm not a fan) Caleb and Josh really get into it though, and that makes me laugh. Last night they were talking about the governor the whole time. Anyway, the good part about me not liking the show too much is while they are watching it, I've decided that's an opportune time for me to try out healthy dessert ideas. I love dessert and this eating healthy thing has become much more important to Caleb and I lately. So, this week, I found a website through Pinterest called Chocolate Covered Katie. She has GREAT healthy recipes and a wide variety of types of food. We tried the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Mousse last night and Caleb really liked it! I didn't love it, but after letting what we didn't eat sit over night in the refrigerator, it was so good today! I've decided it's the perfect way for me to get my chocolate fix. Also, it only cost me about $3.25 to make enough for the four of us last night, Landon and I some for lunch today and still have enough for a couple more servings. Plus, there is a weird ingredient that kind of through me off at first, but it opened my eyes to new possibilities. Hope you enjoy! We did! Thank you Chocolate Covered Katie!

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