Honest Truth About Blogging

I have been dreading this post but I feel it is necessary. I keep sending out all of these posts apologizing for spending so much time away from my blog, but the more I think about it…the more I'm not sorry. During the past few months, getting married, going on our honeymoon, moving into his house, adjusting to living together, getting a new job, AND blogging. I admit, I have been absolutely horrible! I said HORRIBLE at doing all of that AND blogging, but that's life. Blogging can wait.

With all of that said, I do love blogging, it just takes time! So, I have decided for the rest of the year I am going to focus on living life and NOT blogging. BUT I am going to blog while I do it and here is how:

  1. I'm going to schedule time every Friday to sit down and go over what happened that week so I can develop what parts I want to put on here.
  2. I'm going to make an editorial calendar that works and fits my schedule. 
  3. I'm going to start carrying a Blog notebook with me everywhere I go.
  4. I'm going to let it slide when I forget to blog about something or just simply don't have time to get on my computer to post something.
  5. I'm going to write out my "weekly" or "series" posts all at once and schedule them to be posted.
I hope these 5 Steps will help any of you struggling to keep up with your blog as well.

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