8 Questions You Should Answer in Order to Create an Effective Editorial Calendar

So here it is! I have been working on this FOR-EV-ER! I am finally sitting down and finishing it and can tell you what not to and what to do in order to make it your own and make it functional.

My Editorial Calendar will start and end in May, NOT January, like I am sure most everyone's does and should, but for my life, May works better I guess.

Before you read the Monthly list of suggestions, Please read through the 8 Questions You Should Answer in Order to Create an Effective Editorial Calendar:

Before you create your Editorial Calendar:

  1. Do you want yours to look similar to everyone else's or do you NEED it to be unique to your crazy schedule. With this question remember that you don't have to do a monthly calendar, you could just do a simple idea calendar or a quarterly update calendar, etc. Be Creative!
  2. How often do I want to create a new post and schedule it? You DON'T HAVE to post Every single day if you don't want to, it's your blog! Hello!
  3. Do I have a niche? What is it? How do my post ideas fit in that niche?
  4. What are my "MUST HAVE" Post Ideas?
After you create your Editorial Calendar:
  1. Do the ideas I have down help anyone else or are they just for reading pleasure? Should I change this if it isn't helpful?
  2. How many hours/week will the ideas I have down take me to sit and write out.
  3. Do these posts require anything such as pictures, artwork, a download link, links of any kind, etc. to be added before posting and how long will adding all of that into my post take?
  4. Do I feel good and confident in my ideas?
IF you are good with all the answers to all of the questions above, then get busy! 

If you are interested in a free downloadable worksheet please feel free to send a quick email to: info{at}chosentheblog{dot}com with the subject line saying: "Editorial Worksheet Please!" And I will send it right over to you (you don't have to write a message, if you don't want I know what you are looking for, but I'd love to hear from you if you're feeling chatty)

Quick Idea Generating Monthly Cheat Sheet:

My Husband's Birthday
My Mom's Birthday
National Teacher's Day
Mother's Day
Armed Forces Day
Memorial Day
Blog Goals for the Year

Father's Day
Vacation Ideas

Independence Day
Cookin' Out (Chili Cheese Dog Day- A Made Up Holiday I would love to celebrate)
Summer Outing Ideas

Mine & My Brother's Birthday, and My Step-mom's Birthday
Back to School Fair
Cleaning our SUMMER JUNK! (How does that stuff accumulate anyway?!?)
Normal Schedule Back in order
National Marshmallow Toasting Day (Yes! We will Celebrate!)

Labor Day
Dad' s Birthday
Grandparent's Day
Fall, Fall, Fall!!!
Remembering 9-11

More Fall
Hello Lovely Blog Awards/Conference
Trunk or Treat

Thanksgiving Day
Black Friday
Veteran's Day
Thankful for My PawPaw

Apple Cider
Gift Ideas
Jesus' Birthday
Christmas Eve Gift
Missions Conference

Wedding Anniversary
New Year's Ideas
Organization Ideas
Cleaning out Christmas Clutter

Valentine's Day
50% off Chocolate Day (day after Valentines day)
Single's Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas
Date Nights

First Day of Spring!
Spring Cleaning
Gardening Ideas

Rainy Day Ideas
Earth Day
Going Green Ideas

I hope this helps! If you have any suggestions, PLEASE add them in a comment below. I would love to hear them!

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