Wedding Series: 10 Things You Have to do on Your Big Day

This first post is pretty simple actually. I made a list of things I was thankful I did and urge you newly engaged people or "one of these days" people to do on your wedding day.

1. Have your best friends that aren't actually in the wedding come pray with you before.

2. Let your grandparents do whatever they want (my grandma did my flowers and I was a little bit nervous that they wouldn't be what I had in mind, but they ended up being better.)

3. Do a first look with your dad.

4. Pray with your husband after you both get dressed and don't actually see each other. Don't use it as a photo op either. Just you and him.

5. Let your sister (or best friend) help you get ready.

6. Don't fret over the little details. Trust the people you give jobs to do, to actually do them and let them run with it.

7. Make a plan for the honeymoon night. I will say we sort of had a plan and didn't go 100% by it, but I think it helped with being nervous.

8. Hug your siblings and tell them you love them.

9. Don't have a driver, that was such a special time for us, it was our first time as a married couple to be alone, just us, and I loved every second of it.

10. Don't make too many plans. I had an entire week of plans made out and Lady B kept telling me I was, "crazy, girlfriend!" but I didn't listen until that week and I should've known better. I ended up switching most of them so we had more free time, but seriously, don't plan too much.

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