New Recipe! It's my favorite Mac-n-Cheese

I have become known for making Chicken Spaghetti for as my friend Olivia puts it, "any occasion that involves more than four people, she makes chicken spaghetti." Then as the discussion continued, Emily added that I made something different for our Passover Celebration Dinner, which included, macaroni and cheese and chicken. So, again, it was a form or chicken, noodles, and cheese. I have to say I am extremely fond of the combination, the noodles and cheese part especially!

All of that has nothing to do with this recipe, I just thought I would give you a little bit of insight on my love for cheese and noodles and how many recipes I would love to come up with, and share, but I'll stick to this one first!

French Fried Onions
Velveeta Cheese
Shell Noodles
Vegetable Oil
Rotel, and I use the original

Optional Ingredients:
Salt and Pepper to taste
Milk (no more than 1/8 cup, just to make it slightly creamier)
Butter (But really you don't need it)

Cube the Velveeta Cheese and Mix in a Medium pan with the Rotel

You should mix it on Medium-Low until the consistency looks about like this:

While you are mixing these two boil and get your noodles ready (this is where the vegetable oil comes in I always put literally a dash of vegetable oil in my water right before I put the noodles in, so that they don't stick to the bottom or sides)

In a separate small bowl mix 1/2 Cup of French Fried Onions with about a TBS of the cheese and Rotel Mixture

When both the noodles and Velveeta sauce are ready, put them in a baking dish. I use a circle CorningWare dish. CorningWare and Pyrex are my two favorite things to cook and store food in.

Top with the French Fried Onions and Velveeta mixture

Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.


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