You Know Those Things...

that make you want to dig deeper into the Word?

Those people that talk and think awesome-crazy and outside of the box or circle, let's call it a circle, because let's be honest they probably don't live in a box anyway.  It's really more like a circle with endless amounts of outside the circle thoughts, right? You know those people that make scripture passages you've heard your entire life sound so completely new, refreshing, and relevant that they make you want to go back and dig deeper. That is my cousin Sarah MacIntosh's music. I love listening to her most recent album, because it does exactly that. After listening it just puts me in the mood to dive into the Word head first and not come up for air until I absolutely can't read anymore. The lyrics are so well written (and sung!). Every time I listen I get this deep longing for the Word in my soul, and I can't rest until it's satisfied. I know the Holy Spirit had to be all over the brains behind this operation, it's seriously that good! Just sayin'

So just as some pre-reading and spending time with Jesus preparation tonight listen to this and click over to listen more. I promise you won't regret it.

and then go read...

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