What Does it Really Cost?

All these things cost about $8.00:
  1. 2 Grande Coffee Frappuccinos with whip and caramel drizzle
  2. Steak 'n Shake's "Steak 'n Shake" meal
  3. 7 things at Dollar Tree
  4. 1 bottle of nail polish at Target
  5. Multivitamins at CVS
  6. Charmin © paper towels (12 pack) with a coupon
  7. Chicken Nugget meal at Chick-fil-a
  8. 2 Twelve packs of Dr. Pepper
  9. 2 Tank tops from Walmart
  10. 3 boxes of Special K Cereal ™

How many of us buy the things listed above?

Well, honestly I can say that I am a "tight-wad" so I don't think I'd buy a bottle of nail polish for that much, but that's pretty normal for a really good polish. The rest of the things on this list I buy pretty regularly (except the tank tops, even though occasionally I do). My question to myself was…
If I just gave up buying one of the things one time, would it effect me? The answer…
No, I could easily give up buying one of these without it really effecting me in any capacity at all. 
So, why do I ask this question? Because, $7.77 will buy clean water for one person for 30 years.


We spend that much on 2 cases of 24 bottles of clean drinking water a month or every two weeks, or every week. Whatever that is for your family, lots and lots of us do it, right? But there is a place on this earth in 2014 (which is crazy to me) where people don't have clean drinking water, people don't have clean water to bathe in, people don't have clean water to cook with, or fill up their personal swimming pools, or ponds or fountains, or bird baths, or washing machines, or toilets, etc. I just keep thinking of all the ways that we use water. I keep thinking of all the ways that we WASTE water! And then, there are people around this planet that don't have any to even drink. And we can live with that? We do though, every day it's as if when it's "out of sight, it's out of mind" I am praying that I never get that way about wanting to help these people. 

Sower of Seeds (@sowerofseeds) is a ministry dedicated to helping these people and people sold and enslaved to human trafficking. I urge every single person that reads this to click here and go donate $7.77 (seriously that is nothing for many people) and skip Starbucks tomorrow, and be glad that you did because your one coffee just provided one person water to drink. Huh, kind of a strange thought that they probably haven't ever even had a cup of coffee, and are we willing to give up just one cup?

After you've donated about $8.00 start PRAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE AND THIS MINISTRY
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