When it Rains it Pours

Feb. 3, 2012

All week long, I have been dealing with emotional trials one after another. So many that it would take me 10 blogs to tell it all. But that isn't the important part. The point I am trying to make is that my world has been literally flipped upside down over and over this week.

It's funny how God works sometimes... Yesterday was the hardest of all my days this week. I got a wake up call at 8am that I can't even go into detail about, but to say I have never in my life experienced a phone call like that before would be an understatement. Not only did I receive that call but another one on my way to town. Literally moments after that call, I was upside down in the air in my car, at first completely and totally freaked in shock. It felt like slow motion, I remember thinking about how my little brother had been in an accident a few years ago and told us all how when he lost control he just relaxed until it was over. I know it was split seconds but I remember thinking about that and deciding to just relax, my car and me were already in the air, so I couldn't really do anything else. I remember thinking, "How much longer? Please hurry and be over.." At first I guess you could say "I saw my life flash before my eyes" The moment my car went up in the air. But as I was going through it I had this peace come over me. I knew God had me in his hands and I honestly wasn't worried. I mean it might sound grim, but my two options were to live (maybe with some injuries, or who knows what), or to go to Heaven. That's it. Neither were too hard of an option to handle at that moment.

I landed. I don't remember hearing much during the whole thing, but thinking a lot. Once I realized my car wasn't moving anymore and it was over I tried to open my door. It was jammed. I tried 3 or 4 more times, each one with more force, as if it would change the more times I pulled the handle. Then I tried the passenger door, also jammed. I moved the inside cover to the sunroof back hoping that maybe it had busted and I could crawl out, but not even a scratch on it. I started screaming. I guess I had been so calm in the midst of that little storm that I just lost it for a second. Then I told myself to calm down again, and I turned around to see that the back window was busted out. I looked down and my phone was in my lap and I grabbed it and started for the back window. I got to the back, took a deep breath of air outside my car and called my dad. As he answered a man in a white truck pulled up, came over and asked me if I had called 911 yet, I said no and he dialed it in. My dad started asking me questions and as I finally got it all out that I had wrecked and flipped and crushed my car, I realized that I had blood all over my legs, shirt, and my arms. I also realized that I could see the grass outside of my car between what was the bumper and the jammed back door. I started hysterically crying. My dad calmed me down told me that the ambulance should be there soon since the man had already called 911 and it was all going to okay; he was on his way. I took a deep breath, reached for the electricity pole that was only about 1 foot away from where I had landed and got out. The man from the white truck helped me and told me to be careful for all the glass. I had glass all over my body by that point, but he was right. I didn't wanna have any more little glass shardy cuts on me.

Once I was out I saw all my stuff strewn out across the lot and what seemed like a ton of people coming up to check on me and make sure I was okay. Then the ambulance showed up in what felt like just a moment later. They took me inside and checked me out. I couldn't really feel anything except my legs, neck, and hand hurting but it didn't seem too bad at the time.

Lady B showed up while I was getting checked out. Once they were done with all of their tests I went to help get any of my stuff out of my car I needed. We loaded everything in her car and headed home.

Praise the Lord.

He held me up in his hands through out the entire wreck. I honestly don't know how I'm not gone right now. The top of my car didn't even seem like it had a scratch on it. I crawled out without even a broken bone.

My legs hurt, especially my left one because the dash came down on it. My arm hurts like its broken but I know it's not because I can clearly bend it and use it. My neck hurts worse than it ever has, it's like every crick I've ever had in my life all combined together. My back and legs and shoulders and fingers and head all hurt like nothing I've ever felt before. My left eye feels like it's constantly burning and someone is continuously putting pressure on it. My entire face hurts. Literally hurts. I haven't ever felt that sort of pain before. It's pretty weird actually. I have felt like I can't keep my own head up for the last two days since the wreck. It's a pretty strange feeling.

I say all of that to say this. No matter the pain I am in right now or the craziness of the past week, I serve a Mighty, Victorious, Wonderful, Powerful, Loving, Holy, Righteous, King of ALL Kings. He is my healer and deliverer. When God is on my side Nothing is impossible. For some reason this past week Job was put on my heart to read. A man who was so sick and torn down in his life that my rough week could never compare, and yet he praised the Almighty God. I just think it's absolutely Amazing how God laid that book on my heart the week before my world was turned upside down.

He says that the thief seeks to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) But He has come to give life and give it more abundantly. We are in a constant battle and I am so thankful to say that my God is the God that created the entire universe, who created man out of mere dust, who gives us promises and ALWAYS keeps them. One of those promises being: " It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure." 2 Samuel 22:33 Yesterday He was with me and today He is with me, and tomorrow He'll be with me. Everyday until the day I die, He is with me. Thank you Lord, in the hard times and in the great, for keeping me close to you, giving me the strength I need, and teaching me your ways.

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