Sower of Seeds Banquet

Tonight I had the honor to attend the #RedLightRescue and #SowerOfSeeds banquet with my sweet boyfriend and a few of our good friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. It was a banquet to raise awareness and funds in order to spread the hope of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus to many who have no hope. My heart was broken tonight for those people and I want to just fly straight over to India and march in and take all of those people out of the darkness that surrounds them. Sounds unrealistic, but not really. Although the darkness is real and devastating to hear about God has sent people and continues to send people to stop the human trafficking and be the light and a ray of hope. He sends people to rescue them literally out of a darkness that far surpasses what most of us face, provide a safe place to live, and learn about Jesus (the most important thing EVER!).

I encourage everyone to visit the site and just check it out. Seriously, I don't mean to seem pushy, but you can do more than just donate money or go to India. I had no idea until tonight about the facts when it comes to human trafficking. It literally blew my mind to see the people and hear the stories of those who have been rescued and the number of people still living in it. Get informed, right now, go!

Courtney & Lacy
(wearing our new Roses for Rescue headbands)