First Pair Free Firmoo?

So, I was just creeping on a random girl's blog yesterday, reading about all of her giveaways and freebies. Some of them looked pretty sketchy, sorry but they did. In all the "sketchiness" I saw an ad for Firmoo glasses. Which I had never heard of and it sounded more like a brand for some really good chocolate milk, but I have been needing a new pair of glasses since October last year and I have been too lazy to get some. So when it said First Pair Free I thought I might as well check it out. When I realized it wasn't chocolate milk and it was a glasses website, I got excited (It's the couponer in me). Honestly, I thought it was probably not legit or there was a catch. Who gives away free glasses? Those things are hundreds of dollars, right? Even in the Wal Mart Vision Center, it you get the $8 glasses by the time you get out of there with the lenses you need it's about $150.
What do you think?

So, I played around on the website, uploaded my picture to see what the glasses will look like on my face. I annoyingly text all of my family members with numbered pictures between 1 and 4, because I couldn't decided on which pair I liked the best. Then finally after all of one of them voted (thank you Landon). I chose #2! They ended up costing $9.90. I added a few things to the lenses for protection and such. But had I not done that they would have only been $6.95, which is just the 6-10 day shipping and handling. All of that to say that there is a tall little banner at the bottom left of this blog that you can go check them out at or click here. It is legit and all you have to pay is shipping and handling. I still can't believe I just got a brand new pair of glasses for under $10!

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