Food Show

Sysco Food Show
Good Things!
Today we went to the Sysco Food Show at Will Rogers. It's an annual food show where vendors come and bring everything you could imagine needing in the food service industry. My favorite booths are the ones with ice cream, coffee, and fish. I usually get way too full going and eating all the food from all the booths, but today I tried to limit myself. I even passed up ice cream at two booths today! That's a rare occasion for me. 

Each year we take a picture with the cookie man. He's famous for his chocolate cherry oatmeal cookie. He made us eat one today, which I don't really care too much for. I did come home with three cookies, a chocolate/chocolate, coconut/pecan, and /chocolate chip/pecan cookie. Good Things!
Caleb & I
Mr. Aphrodite (The Cookie Man)
Also, do you see those cute little coffee cups in our hands? Those are lattes from a machine. We, of course, aren't getting one. They were ridiculously expensive. But they were so good! I have never had a latte out of a machine that tasted so good (and I have had lots). They are Nestle and I'm sure they are everywhere I just don't know it, but I would like to encourage you coffee lovers to try one next time you're in a gas station, hotel lobby, or food show. Good Things!

I hope all of you are having a blessed day! I have to be honest, as fun as all of today's adventures were at the food show, I was a total Negative Nancy. I don't know why, I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed maybe. But I do hope that all of you are having a wonderfully blessed and joyful day. And if you're like me today, remember that we have an amazing Lord who cares for us, so put a smile on because, if you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or you are in a valley, Jesus truly loves you and has a perfect plan for you. Don't let the valley or the wrong side of the bed get you down today. 

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