Cheap Plastic Ring

Saturday we volunteered at Pitt Meadows Day in Pitt Meadows, Canada. We did a lot of people watching while directing a little bit of traffic in a one way parking area. All day we saw such cute people. We decided that we needed a new word, because “cute’” was getting old, so we decided on rad. As we looked around at all of these “cute” people, I just couldn’t help but thinking, all these poor cute little cookie cutter families that “have it all together.” They probably don’t even realize their need for Jesus, because they are, in their own view, “good people.”

After we were done at the roadblock, we had an hour break to get our lunch ticket and eat. We sat on the bleachers in front of all the bouncy castles to eat. As we sat there eating and continuing to people watch I just began to pray that the Lord would give us a person to introduce to Lisa and Josh that needs a church body.

Oh how faithful is our God! We got done eating and walked around for a little bit before checking back in at the volunteer tent. Once we had our Pitt Meadows Day pictures taken, we decided to go ahead to the tent a little bit early. We weren’t the only ones though. These two high school girls were sitting a few feet away from us. We made that awkward contact with them like, “Hey we are working together, but we don’t know each other, should we move forward in this relationship and actually introduce ourselves, or just smile and nod?” I do the smile and “Hi” Then one of the girls sees my ring and comes and sits right next to me asking me where I got it and telling me about her ring. That led to a conversation that just literally blew my mind. We started talking about religion, and I asked her about her beliefs. Then she asked me about mine and I asked her if she had heard of Jesus. Her response, “ I have heard on movies about Him, like the Jesus Christ, but no body has ever told to me about Him. I want someone to tell me about Jesus, but I have not heard of this Jesus. “ Umm. Wow!

So I asked her if I could tell her about Him. I share the Gospel with her and she asked me how do you know this Jesus, how do you get to know this Jesus. So I got to explain that to her, and she didn’t give her life to the Lord on Saturday, but I am hopeful that she will. She wanted to meet people in Pitt Meadows who could teach her more about Jesus, and allow her to learn more about His story. Josh and Lisa? Prayer answered! So cool! I was so thankful. Every time I get to share the Gospel with someone or just talk to them about Jesus, I am in awe that He uses me and that I get to be a small part of His kingdom’s work. It humbles me and blows my mind how much He loves us and how He uses us when we are so unworthy, but He makes us worthy through Jesus. I am so thankful!

I almost forgot the strangest, but just totally cool part of the entire day. Before we left to come down here, Olivia and I talked about listening to the Spirit in the small things. When we were having the conversation it was about packing. When we feel prompted to pack something for a trip, praying about it and then packing it rather than leaving it out. I’m not trying to make this small thing into an overly spiritual story, but I’m just saying God is faithful to work all things for His glory. on Saturday morning I was fidgeting in my purse playing with everything, I put on my big ring and took it off and as soon as I took it off I felt like I should put it back on and so I did and prayed about it. There were a few times throughout the day that I wanted to take it off because it got hot and gross outside to be wearing a big plastic ring, but I just couldn’t take it off. I’m just saying for all of those people who don’t believe that God can use ANYTHING, even the small things, to bring glory to Himself, I beg to differ. He used a dumb dollar store ring to open up a conversation about His beautiful love Saturday, and I was so blessed to see His work. Oh Praise His wonderful and matchless name!

I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful day today!

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